• Aleksandra Shakhnazarova
    Production Producer
    Executive / Line Producer mainly for films, tv series, and commercials, based in Moscow, as a freelance producer, aslo working for Moscow leading production companies. Apart owns a production company in the Far East of Russia in Vladivostok, which provides shoots for that region with a diverse variety of works like documentary films, photo shoots, tv shows, music videos, commercials, etc.
    Can offer services around Russia, mainly in Moscow, St.Petersburg & Vladivostok.

    E-mail: film@vladfilmproductions.ru
    Mob./Whatsapp: +7 905 5582248
    Skype: aleksandra.shakhnazarova
Feature Film, 'Vladivostok' 2021
Client: MosFilm Studios
Location: Vladivostok, Russia
TV show (8 episodes), 'Muslim Magomaev' 2018
Client: First Channel Russia
Location: Moscow, Russia / Azerbaidjan, Baku
Chevron Testimonials 'Global We Agree' 2014
Client: Chevron, USA
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Feature Film, 'Blizzard' 2019
Client: Sverdlovsk Film Studios
Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Feature Film, 'On the Hood' 2016
Client: Mars Media film company, Moscow
Location: Moscow, Vladivostok, Russia
TV Series 'Catherine II' 2014
Client: Russian II Federal Channel
Location: Moscow, Czech Republic
Commercial. 'Surprising the world' 2017
Client: Toyo Tires, Tokyo, Japan.
Location: Vladivostok, Russia
Commercial. 'Be Santa' 2019
Client: Coca-Cola, Madrid, Spain
Location: Ulyanovsk, Russia
Feature Film 'Kenzhe' 2013
Client: Office-111t, Kazakhstan
Location: Thailand, Palma de Mallorca
TV Series 12 epidsodes 'Salsa' 2016
Client: First Channel Russia
Location: Moscow, Dominicana
TV Series 'Mr.Sunshine'. South Korea 2017
Client: Hwa&Dam Pictures, South Korea
Location: Busan, South Korea / CG shooting sail ships

Feature Film 'What girls don't talk about' 2012
Client: Central Partnership, Moscow
Location: Moscow, Palma de Mallorca
Music video featuring Jay Fung 2019
Client: GLO Travel company, Hong Kong
Location: Vladivostok
Travel Show 'Mama Russia' 2019
Client: TV3 Russian State Channel
Location: 12 episodes in 12 Russian regions
Photos Session 'Facebook' 2019
«rand office: Tokyo, Japan
Location: Vladivostok, Russia
Documentary film 'Theatrical routes of Saint-Petersburg' 2020
Client: SAGA film company, St.Petersburg
Location: St.Petersburg, Russia
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