We can provide any location permit your company may need. There is no single official authority issuing film permits in Russia. In Vladivostok every location is individual, and some of them have more strict permit issuing terms than others, there is no standard procedure, often is a matter of personal communication. Most of the public locations are free of charge or have a small amount to be charged, but there should be proper documentation prepared ahead, and might take time from a week up to a month. Shooting b-roll on the city streets in most cases wouldn't require a film permit. Private locations can be of different charge, and always an individual matter of personal conatact.

We can always provide preliminary location photos upon your request free of charge.


The city of Vladivostok is unofficial capital of the Russian Far East and one of Russia's most important commercial ports and naval bases. It is the biggest Russian port city at the East and the final stop of the Trans-Siberian. Vladivostok is the city in Asia with European look, the closest European city for such countries as Korea, China, Japan, located within 1 or 2 hours flight. There are direct flights from Seoul, Busan, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow. Vladivostok also can be reached by other means of transportation from neighboring countries by ferry boats, or by bus. Cruise liners started their touring in 2017 around between Vladivostok and other sea ports in Korea, China, Japan.

It is charming city, with a gorgeous hilly setting, striking architecture, numerous verdant islands and sandy bays along its Pacific coastline. The ctiy is located around the Golden Horn Bay, over which now soars a massive suspension bridge, one of three built in recent years that have hugely improved the city's infrastructure.

In winter first snow might come in November and last till March or even April. The temprature can get down to -20 °C , but average temprature from 0 °C down to -10 °C. January and February are normally the coldest months. The region has a very distincitve spring and fall seasons. Spring time from March till May. And fall time starts from the second half of September and lasts till November, always with beautiful colors and blooming within its season. Summertime starts in June and followed by such a beautiful weather phenomena as fogs covering all the city landscape.

July and August are the warmest months. Temperature is mild and comfortable around +25 °C and rarely gets above +30 °C always with an offshore breeze. September is still a warm month. August and September is the best time also for underwater shooting.


Some of the foreign citizen entering Russia for the period of time not exceeding 90 days would not require visa. To check the list of the visa free countries please read here.

For those who require visas we can visa support, arranging proper documentation and invitations for the suitable type of visa.


Vladivostok has a numerous amount of hotels, most of them range from 60 to 150 USD per night, though a cheaper solutions also can be offered on a long-term basis from 15 up to 50 USD. We can provide information or assist in finding right accomodation for your film crew either for your first visit to Vladivostok, location scout or shooting period.

The high season is considered to be the Summer and the beginning of Autum (July-September). In this time the air fares and accomodation can be twice higher than in other periods. Early September is probably the busiest time for the hotels, as there are two big events take place in the first week, The Pacific Meridian Internation Film Festival and Eastern Economic Forum. If you plan your travel for August or September, it is better to prepare well ahead.

Together with Vladivostok Film Commission and the Pacific Meridian International Film Festival we cooperate with many local hotels for the past 15 years, providing film production services or hosting artist, and able to suggest good discount rates and suitable conditions for film crews.


Vladivostok has a limited amount of professional film equipment. Some of the film lighting and grip, can be found at local video companies or local television. We can provide full information and arrange all the equipment available locally. One RED Scarlet camera can be found in Vladivostok though lacking a full package. Professional Arri cameras, lighting and grip can be brought from your home country or rented out by us from Moscow rentals. Working in Moscow film industry, we know the market well and can offer best rates and special terms or discounts due to long-time relationship. We will also provide partners in cargo delivery service to ensure a timely and guarenteed services. Please note that it normally takes from 10 to 15 days to deliver such cargo from Moscow to Vladivostok by railroad (in case you would need Russian Arm), the rest of the equipment maybe delivered in one day by airplane.

There is one make-up trailer and one wardrobe trailer, owned by our company, and available for rent. The rest of the trucks are prepared by the local crew for each project individually.

Vladivostok has three drama theaters which have professional theater actors.
Also there are several local children theater studios.

We can provide casting sessions upon your request, in Vladivostok, or bring actors from the nearest cities around Vladivostok or provide actors from Moscow.

The local crew can be found in Vladivostok mostly for an assisting positions (Art, Props, Make-up, Wardrobe, Casting). The heads of the departments are better to be part of the professional team coming either from your homecountry or to be brought from Moscow. The technical crew members normally come along with the equipment from rentals. .


VladFilm Productions provides a full range of production and post-production services. We can arrange shooting in Vladivostok, Moscow or other Russian cities. Professional post-production services are available in Moscow which we can arrange with our partners there.

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